Astrology and Science

When I started studying Astrology two decades ago, it wasn’t long before I made a couple of observations. Those observations have to do with perceptions of Astrology.
I noticed that the scientific community was largely hostile toward Astrology, and the religious community was more mixed. I have atheist friends who are not especially affirming of astrology, thus not unlike the scientific community.

I learned much later on that this was not always the case.

Hippocrates, considered the originator of Western medicine, is quoted to have said, “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”
This article relates the history of some of the greatest scientists who ever lived in the second half of the millenium, including Copernicus, Brahe, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton, as well as (much later) Carl Jung.  Reading these great scientists’ varying points of view of astrology, it seems clear that they saw something that most of us don’t.  The scientific method and point of view — against all things mystical and esoteric — started to take hold in the 17th century, but didn’t become complete until late in the 19th century.

Jung, who used all manner of symbolism and astrology, is a major exception, of course, and I feel like I need to ask my atheist friend whether she could accept his work as valid.  I feel that modern science and mainstream media tends to intentionally ignore the contributions of Jung, “sweeping them under the rug,” as it were.

Astrology, being an esoteric field, can be thought of to say, “Science is important. But there are things that science can’t explain.” I have believed that astrology relies on the “astral plane” which is a plane of existence — a dimension, if you will, that coexists with the three physical dimensions we experience and the one (that we know of) dimension of time. The astral plane can’t really be seen, though those of us who are more sensitive or psychic might see it, in an intuitive manner, very clearly.

It’s questionable what the astral plane has to do with true spirituality. Even as we use the Western versions of astrology in the Western world, it seems to me to hew closer to Eastern spirituality — maybe Hinduism or Buddhism. I mean that the astral plane seems to have a lot to do with karma, reincarnation, and other things that modern scientists might be hostile to.

What is the Evening Shift?


My motivation to do a blog has a lot to do with really showing people how interesting Astrology can be, as well as educational and personally helpful.

I intend to promote the best things and people I can find.  Whether it be Debra Silverman, The Round Art, some history, a particular product, or something or someone I have read, the blog is meant to expand the subject of Astrology, and any related field.  I might discuss why many scientists hate Astrology so much, and why being interested in astrology doesn’t preclude interest in science and the scientific method.  I have an interest in astronomy, for example!